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The Famous Insider Walk:
Hidden Berlin & Main Sites

Berlin Walking Tour

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Duration: 4 hours

Departs: Berlin

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The Famous Insider Walk: Hidden Berlin & Main Sites

Commence your tour in the heart of west Berlin, where the destroyed spire of the Memorial Church looms above. Delve into the history of the Teutonic Knights and Prussian Kings, through the Royal Hunting Grounds to stand before the Victory Column.

Follow the route of the Soviet Attack up to the final battle ground of the Reichstag Parliament, continue onto the Government Quarter and Federal Chancellory. Pass over the line of the Death Strip and find the exact location above Hitler's Bunker.

Visit Brandenburg Gate, the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe, Checkpoint Charlie, and finish with an account of the events which led to the fall of the Wall whilst standing in the heart of the East German Government Quarter and New Berlin.

Key features of the tour

Nazi legacy - cover the rise and fall of the Third Reich, stand above Hitler's Bunker and by new bunker excavations: - get the final version of events regarding Hitler's suicide and the last days spent in the Bunker - we utilize information of recently released Soviet archives - speculation can now be put to rest.

Cold War - stand by the Berlin Wall, again we access information of newly released Cold War documents verifying why it really went up - you may be surprised by our version of events. Know what it meant to live in the east, why people risked their lives escaping - and the aftermath today...

Checkpoint Charlie - hoisted away June 22 1990, Charlie finally came in from the Cold, (subsequently housed in the Allied Museum), pass through the intersection now home to an emerging business district, yet once the scene of superpower tensions, escape attempts - successful and failed...

Brandenburg Gate - follow in the footsteps of Napolean, Bismarck, the German Kaisers, the Nazis and Allied forces as the struggle for European and world power shifted between east and west. Having stood alone in the Death Strip for 28 years, it now symbolizes the rebirth of the re-unified metropolis - Berlin

Potsdamer Platz - returning Berlin as Capital resulted in the largest construction effort to have been undertaken in modern history - with Potsdamer Platz at its core, this represents the future; German technology and corporate ambitions entering a new millennium - there's nowhere quite like it.

Reichstag - riddled with the bullet holes from the last battle in Europe and now crowned with Lord Foster´s glass dome - a beacon of kind guiding the course of the new Capital Republic. Throughout the Cold War the West German Parliament congregated here each year symbolically...a gesture that if Germany were re-unified it would once again serve as the parliament, it does now.

Revolution '89 - Stand before the ruins of the Berlin Palace and site of the GDR's "Palace of the Republik". Hear the gripping story of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the fall of the Wall and how German re-unification came about. In this area in 1989 hundreds of thousands of East Germans chanted - WE ARE THE PEOPLE. This was observed by Politburo with fear as the international press flooded into Berlin to document one of the greatest events of history in our lifetime. We recount what led to the fateful press conference that sparked the collapse of the Wall and end of the Cold War.  We help you get a proper understanding of the amazing events that unified a people, and what makes Berlin and Europe the place it is today...


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The Famous Insider Walk:
Hidden Berlin & Main Sites
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Duration: 4 hours    
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